Cookie Policy

General information

Cookies are short text files downloaded on the hard disk of the computer or mobile device of a client by the website with the help of the browser, to register, for a limited period of time, small quantities of information regarding the site.

Thanks to the cookies, the site remembers the actions and preferences of the user (like, for example, the login data, the chosen language, the size of the fonts, other visualization settings, etc.), so as to prevent the necessity of repeating same once the user returns to visiting the site or when surfing from one page to another. The cookies may contain also an unique identifier code, allowing to keep traces of the client’s browsing within the site, for statistical or advertisement purposes. While browsing the site, the user may receive on his device also cookies from sites or web servers differing from the one he is visiting (the so called “third party cookies”). In certain cases the cookies are technically necessary for the proper operation of the site as without their use certain operations cannot be implemented. There are several types of cookies that differ due to their respective characteristics and functions, as well as for the period of time same may remain on the user’s device. Regarding the time frame, cookies can be classed in “one-time cookies” (that are automatically cancelled once the browser is closed) and “persistent cookies” (that remain for a previously determined period of time). According to the ruling legislation in Italy, for the use of cookies, the explicit consent of the user is not always required. Regarding the function, anyhow, the cookies may be distinguished as “technical cookies” – that is used to the sole purpose of transmitting any communication through an electronic communication network, or, where strictly necessary to provide a service, explicitly requested by the user, as “profiling cookies” – that is those, used to set up profiles regarding the user, and used to send advertising messages based on the preferences shown by him while browsing the web.

Description of the cookies used by the Site

This site uses solely technical cookies, that is cookies mostly required for proper functioning of the web site. Among same, the so called one time browsing cookies, allowing smooth browsing of the site. The user can reject the use of cookies generally or in a selective manner. If the user doesn’t wish to accept our cookies, he can reject this by means of his own web browser. The relevant function varies from browser to browser (cfr. Infra). It should be underlined, that in case of failing acceptance of the cookies, the functionality of the Site may be limited. In this connection we point out that the site uses solely one time cookies.

The site doesn’t acquire any Personal Data of the users. There is no use of cookies for transmission of information of personal character, nor are used any so called persistent cookies of any type or system for tracing the users. The use of the so called one time cookies (that are not persistently stored in the user’s computer but vanish upon closing of the browser) is strictly limited to the transmission of one time identifiers (consisting of casual numerical digits generated by the server) required to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site. The so called one time cookies used in this site avoid the use of other informatics techniques potentially detrimental to the confidentiality of the user’s browsing and do not allow acquisition of the client’s personal data identifiers.

How to prevent installation of cookies directly through the browser

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